Into Let's talk shopping in Colchester!

Written by: Sam Good

Let talk SHOPPING!

When you visit the town centre, where do you go? Culver Square or Lion Walk Shopping Centre? Colchester High Street? Explore the independent lanes?

Our town centre is full of many amazing national brands like Topshop, H&M and New Look for us to explore! As we enter the Autumn season, the weather is turning and the woolly jumpers are back, why not head into Colchester town centre this weekend and fill your wardrobe with this year's trends.

As you explore Colchester town centre, you will find some beautiful street full of independent shops such as Sir Isaacs Walk, Eld Land, Crouch Street and Short Wyre Street. These street are home to beautiful boutiques, cafes, pubs and restaurants all filled with a welcoming environment.

Why is it important to shop in-store?

Shopping in-store can offer you a whole new experience, meaning you'll return home with lots of wonderful new items to fill your wardrobe with! Visiting Colchester town centre for shopping is a great way to get away from a screen, get fresh air and explore your local town.

During lockdown, we spent a lot of time in our own homes. Now, we can go out and shop, see what new items we can find and perhaps come across a new store you have never been in before.

Our shopping stores in Colchester are full of staff who live in our local area and love working in the town. The best part about visiting a shop is being able to speak to staff members, get advise and find something different you may not have seen online!

What's in the town?

Colchester town centre has lots of different shops as we mentioned before, but how do you find who?

Our directory page can show you all the businesses we have in the town. Choose from shopping, places to eat or things to do all in one place!

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September 2022