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Written by: Jamie Rycroft

3 reasons you should watch Out and Out at The Mercury this April

1. The play explores the untold stories in the British military
Out and Out, which will perform at 7pm on Thursday 18th April in the Mercury Theatre Studio, portrays the stories of women who were dismissed from the military for being gay. Based on extensive research of real-life stories, this brand new play casts a light on the untold stories of the soldiers who fought for freedoms now enjoyed today. One actress plays three different soldiers from different time periods to tell a story that is both funny and touching.

2. To celebrate homegrown talent at the Mercury Theatre
Out and Out is part of the Mercury Theatre's takeover season, where local directors, producers and performers present brand new work in development.

"I am so excited to have my show be part of the takeover season," explains Norfolk-based writer Joy Beresford Frye. "It's great to have the opportunity to have this story reach the stage, and to honour the gay veterans who are still awaiting reparations even when the discrimination against them ended in the year 2000".

3. The show was chosen in a unique way
The script for Out and Out was selected as part of the Play Lottery competition, where playwrights based in the East of England were encouraged to submit their scripts, and the winning show was chosen completely at random.

The Play Lottery has been established to acknowledge how difficult it is for new writers to have their work reach the stage, and to provide opportunities for plays to be developed from writers who might not otherwise get the chance.

Out and Out has received professional feedback, and will be performed at the Mercury Theatre Studio as a script-in-hand performance, in its first ever performance on a major stage.

Tickets available here.


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