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Written by: Jess Walker

Help the Elves write a letter to Santa.

Santa's cheeky elves have lost all the items they need to write a letter. Can you help them find the missing items? Scattered across Colchester town centre in six locations use your detective skills to help the elves find their lost items!

Each item you find will have a clue to direct you to the next section on the map where the next item is hiding. So think carefully when you answer!

When you have ticked each item off the list hand in your completed map to The Mercury Theatre, Hollytree's Museum, or The North Pole Post Office for a fun Christmas treat! *

*While goody bag stock lasts!


You can also pick up trail maps from The Mercury Theatre, North Pole Post Office, or Hollytree's Museum

If you are having problems finding all the clues then scroll down for each location and clue!



The trail map will first instruct you to "Walk around outside The Mercury Theatre and see if you can spot the Ink Pot on your list. There you'll find the first clue to where the next item is hiding!".

The ink pot can be found on the box office windows.

Answer to the first clue.

"What size is a normal piece of paper?" A4

Look on your map and head to the square marked A4. Location of the next item = Crouch Street Tesco


Find the next item and clue on the side of Tesco, Crouch street.

Item Location: The quill pen is sat to the right of the red 'Late Wednesdays' circle.

Next Clue: What square on the map is the town hall? Head to this location and keep your eyes peeled for a spectacular Christmas Window. Fun fact! The town hall was built in the Victorian era and built on the site of Moot Hall the old medieval version of the town hall dating to around 1160!

Next Location: Red Lion Books (F2)


Item Locations - There is one A5 Stamp in each window of Red Lion Books hidden amongst the display.

Next clue - The old hotel that has sat on the High Street for 500 years.. The ******. Take the first letter of the missing word and the number of elephants on the top of North Hill. Head to the corresponding square on the map. There you will find out where the elves need to send their letter! G2

Next Location - The George Hotel, G2. High Street.


Item Location: Santas Adress is in a small book half way up the left side of the window.

Next Clue: Why not go a take an ELFIE or 4 in this square on the map?

Next Location: Elves Photo Booth, E4. Sir Isaacs Walk


Item location: An envelope is placed on both screen frames. Make sure to take your selfie and tag us whilst you're there!

Next Clue: With one last thing on the list it’s time to head to the North Pole! Well nearly, see what you can find in E3 on the map.

Next Location: North Pole Post Office, E3. Culver Square.


Item Location: A scroll of paper is located of the side window next to the Naughty or Nice photo background.

Congratulations you have completed the Christmas trail and helped the Elves! Hand your map into the North Pole Post Office, Holytrees Museum or Mercury Theatre and get a little goody bag! (While stocks last).

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Thank you for taking part - we hope you had a great time exploring Colchester and helping the Elves!

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September 2022