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Everything you need to know before registering for the Colchester Soapbox Rally

The Colchester Soapbox Rally will be racing down the High Street on Sunday 15th September. If you're interested in entering a soapbox see below for all of the technical information you'll need!

Event Details

Colchester Soapbox Rally will take place on Colchester High Street on Sunday 15th September 2024 from 11am to 7pm. The event is a time-trial event for gravity powered karts that will be racing along 300m of the High Street which has a gradual decline and will include obstacles, jumps and other challenges to your ride.

Allocated times will be provided closer to the event, there will be a staggered arrival. Capacity of square to be calculated along with capacity of culver street west.

Karts will start from a raised platform proceedings down a shallow ramp onto the road course itself. A maximum of two kartpushers will be permitted on the ramp start only. Each kart is allowed a maximum of one rider and one passenger within the kart. Pushers are only permitted to make contact with the kart at the top of the ramp, once released, they will be encouraged to run and follow the kart down the track to assist in the event of a crash/stoppage alongside getting the kart back to the start for their next heat. The kart’s race crew are only permitted to touch the kart if it has stopped due to a crash.

We thoroughly encourage you to be creative in the appearance of your kart and outfits however this must be family friendly. Sponsorships and logos are encouraged for karts and uniforms. Entrants are more than welcome to use this opportunity to fundraise for their chosen charity or beneficiary although charitable collections will not be permitted on the day of the event.

There will be two sections for awards. The first being the fastest time of which there will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The second being the award for most creative and fun kart which will be judged on the day. All judging will take place at the start line.

There is zero cost to spectators to come and enjoy the Soapbox Rally on the day and in addition there will be food market stalls available alongside a breadth of businesses open across the City Centre for you to choose from.


Entry Deadline

Entries for the Colchester Soapbox Rally 2024 will close when we reach capacity. Spaces are limited.

Entry Conditions

  1. A Team Captain is to be appointed (who must be at least 18 years of age) to complete the Registration Form (in advance at application) and Participation Form and Waiver Forms (on the day).
  2. The Team Captain will be responsible for the entire teams’ compliance with all the rules and regulations.

Team Conditions

  1. There is no limit to the number of people in the construction team.
  2. The “Race Team” will consist of 1 driver and up to one passenger and 2 kart pushers for each run.
  3. Any team member of the Race Team can be the driver of the kart to the finish line. But all names and signatures must be provided on the Participation Form on the day at the start of the event.
  4. Any Race Team member under the age of 18 on the day must have written and signed consent of their parent or guardian on the appropriate section of the Participation Form. However, they are not permitted to be the driver or passenger in the kart.
  5. No changes may be made to the kart after scrutineering, apart from any necessary repairs.
  6. A maximum of two karts are permitted per team.
  7. If a team enters two teams, the karts must be different in their appearance and name.
  8. Teams are responsible for the ongoing risk assessments of their kart during the event and are obliged to report any damage or potential risk to the scrutineers.
  9. Each Team will complete a Risk Acknowledgement Waiver Form before competing.
  10. We recommend that you take out your own policy to compete.
  11. Each Kart will be fitted with a timer chip. These are unique and will be fitted to the Kart or driver by the timing company. It is your responsibility to ensure it is on the driver for each race and to return it to the timing company at the end of the event. There will be a £50 charge for any team not returning their transponder. NB No Transponder = no time recorded!!
  12. At no time during racing shall participants be under the influence of, or be affected by, alcohol, recreational pharmaceuticals or other substances or drugs that may impair their ability to participate
  13. The organisers have the right to refuse entry or withdraw any team if, in the organiser’s opinion:
    1. The kart or Race Team poses a threat of injury to either themselves or others either before or during the event. In this scenario, no refund will be provided.
    2. The karts design contains any explicit and/or discriminatory language or imagery.
    3. The Race Team displays behaviour that is in any way discriminatory or offensive to those at the event.
    4. Any of the Race Team are believed to be under the influence of, or affected by, alcohol, recreational drugs or other substances.
  14. The rules are mandatory, any competitor refusing or failing to comply with them will not be allowed to compete, they have been designed for everyone’s safety.
  15. Our Colchester BID (organiser) reserves the right to amend the rules and to go above and beyond their guidance, if necessary, to ensure the safety of all involved.

Kart Conditions

  1. Gravity propulsion only – i.e., no motors, no pedals, no stored potential energy (e.g. batteries) or sails.
  2. Maximum external length 2.6 metres and maximum external width 1.5 metres.
  3. No protrusions of any kind will be allowed outside these dimensions.
  4. Wheels must be of an inflatable tyre type and unrestricted diameter but must be within the maximum dimensions.
  5. Working brakes that affect 2 wheels on the same axle must be fitted and tested. You MUST be able to stop your vehicle on the course – failure to do so will result in your dismissal from the event.
  6. Karts must have effective steering to navigate the route.
  7. Glass is not permitted within the kart.
  8. Karts can carry no more than two people, seated, feet facing forward.
  9. No exposed sharp corners or edges will be allowed.
  10. All items must be securely attached to the kart (anything that is likely to fall off will be removed).
  11. Covers may be attached to the chassis but must be considered safe and secure on inspection.
  12. A padded steering wheel or handlebar is recommended.
  13. Karts may have between 3 and 6 wheels, with or without suspension.
  14. No additional ballast is allowed in the kart.
  15. The bodywork and the chassis should be constructed using recycled materials where possible, but we strongly recommend a metal-based chassis – (build it well, so it lasts the day).
  16. All karts must be safe (any believed to be dangerous to the public or the participants will not be allowed to take part in the race).
  17. All karts must display their allocated race number which will be provided on the day of the race.
  18. No live fire or inflammable flares allowed on the karts, -all ‘accessories’ must be securely fixed to the karts
  19. Occupants of the kart must wear a hard-shell helmet with a secured chinstrap. Full-face helmets are recommended (NB cycle helmets will not be accepted).
  20. Legs and arms must be covered.
  21. The wearing of gloves is mandatory, elbow pads and knee pads are advisory.
  22. Occupants of karts remain seated and facing forward at all times.
  23. Race Team must abide by reasonable instructions given by the event officials or marshals in the interest of safety and the smooth running of the event (this includes braking after the finish line).



Good luck and happy racing! 🚗🏆