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We need your help!

Join in the family fun and help us find the 10 cute and colourful MonstersVillains hiding across Colchester town centre. The Monsters will be hiding in shop windows across the town waiting you to find them and learn all about them!

How to play

1. Tap/scan any poster or character to begin

2. Use to map to help you find all the MonsterVillains across Colchester

3. Collect all 10 MonsterVillains and win an e-book!

To find your first hiding location, click here to view the map (Or tap/scan any of the characters/posters you find in Colchester town). The Safari works by utilising contactless NFC technology and QR codes, without the need for players to download or sign up to anything, they simply need to tap or scan to play.

For more information about your safe trip to Colchester town centre, click here