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Mixing up Dry January

A new mocktail, special to Colchester, will be posted every week throughout January! Drive in to January feeling fresh and take part in Dry January. From Monday 6th, In Colchester will be share a new mocktail from bar or restaurant around the town centre each week, demonstrating how they are made and a little story for all to read.

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Why not head to The Purple Dog for one of these delicious fruity mocktails! Full of flavour, it's the perfect drink. The Purple Dog is one of Colchester's oldest pubs, full of atmosphere and great friendly staff, take a trip this January!

- Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Cranberry Juice, Lemons and Limes

Click here to see "How it's made"

Bill's Restaurant, 136 - 137 High Street

Why not head to Bill's Restaurant for one of these mouthwatering mocktails! The minty flavour makes it light and refreshing, so take a trip and try one now!

- Mint, Pear and Ginger cordial, Cloudy Apple, Sparkling Water

Click here to see "How it's made"

Mid Week Treat!

PAVILION, 20-21 Middleborough

Why not treat your self mid week and take a trip to the Pavilion! Try this delicious non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri and relax in the beautiful setting!

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