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The Chronicles of Atom and Luna

Mercury Theatre

Saturday 19th November 2022 - Sunday 20th November 2022
11:00 - 13:00
Balkerne Gate
Standard - 19th November 2022
Min: £4.50
Max: £9.00
Children - 19th November 2022
Min: £10.50
Concession - 19th November 2022
Min: £4.50
Standard - 20th November 2022
Min: £4.50
Max: £9.00
Children - 20th November 2022
Min: £10.50
Concession - 20th November 2022
Min: £4.50
Funnelwick Limb in association with Action Transport Theatre and
Eastern Angles presents: _The Chronicles of Atom and Luna_, MURRAY
LACHLAN YOUNG‘s latest epic tale for families.

Our heroes Atom and Luna (left home alone by their mother) are saved
from starvation by the arrival of their magical child minder, Iffly

But Iffly falls terribly ill and only the twins can save him.  They
must harness the power of the moon and the forest to seek out the
mysterious Old Mother Redbeard.

And so begins Atom and Luna’s journey, an adventure that will change
their lives forever.

Created by BBC 6 Music’s poet in residence and children’s author
MURRAY LACHLAN YOUNG. Murray is a British poet, stand-up performer,
broadcaster, playwright, screenwriter and children’s author. He came
to prominence during the Brit Pop era of the mid 1990s, when he became
the only poet to sign a contract worth £1m.

His work echoes the great rhymers Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll and
Gilbert and Sullivan, along with more alternative influences such as
Grandmaster Flash, Tom Waits and Ian Drury.

His satirical commentaries can read like RD Laing in their
philosophical intensity, whilst their subjects range from the vanities
of celebrity and middle-class angst, to highlighting the absurdities
of modern life.

Currently the poet in residence on BBC 6 Music radio station, touring
the UK with his solo stand-up show and the collection of his work
‘How Freakin’ Zeitgeist are you?’, published by Unbound books.



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