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Headgate Theatre

Saturday 13th August 2022
15:00 - 19:30
14 Chapel Street North
Standard - 13th August 2022
Min: £15.00
Standard - 13th August 2022
Min: £15.00
Coulda Cockney Flower girlreallybe transformed into a Fair Lady? 

DOT Productions return in their 12th year of touring with their ownadaptation of a well-lovedclassic, George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion. 

Willprofessor of phoneticsHenry Higgins transform Eliza Doolittle enough to convince upper-classsociety that she is one of them, or will Eliza never forget who she really is? 

Pygmalion explores the English class system with all of its petty attitudes and posturing. Full of wit & wisdom Shaw exposes the hollowness at the heart of that society, but it is not just about accents or class. It is about the battle of the sexes, of control! 

Brought to the stage by a cast of 5 actors and DOT's unmistakeable entertaining style this is not to be missed.

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