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Marie Lloyd Stole My Life

Headgate Theatre

Sunday 18th September 2022
15:00 - 15:00
14 Chapel Street North
Standard - 18th September 2022
Min: £12.00
Max: £15.00
by J.J. Leppink
Blue Fire Theatre Co.

Discrimination, sexual exploitation, domestic violence and press intrusion. Don’t seem such “good old days” now, do they…?
Nelly Power, star of the Victorian Music Hall struck an early blow for women’s rights by owning her own properties and divorcing her husband. She was a household name and huge success. Until her hit song was stolen by the young Marie Lloyd.

In the centenary year of Marie Lloyd’s death, this is the story of how the “Queen of the Music Hall” came to fame, told from Nelly’s perspective. It’s a bit “Ripper Street” and a bit “Eastenders”. With songs. All together now…

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