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Last Shot / Confess

Headgate Theatre

Thursday 27th October 2022
19:45 - 19:45
14 Chapel Street North
Standard - 27th October 2022
Min: £10.00
Max: £12.00
by Christopher Sainton-Clark
Raising Cain Productions

These two pitch-black comedy thrillers are brought you by the up and coming Raising Cain Productions (My Other Half) and are written by Christopher Sainton-Clark to be performed in either a theatre or village hall. See these two 30-minute plays in one night and fall into their dark and twisting narratives.

Last Shot – 
A famous actor and revered director are filming the Last Shot of their latest picture. The question is, why are they doing this in a village hall? With past misdeeds bought to life, we soon find out why their careers have spun so violently and dangerously out of control.

Confess –
Martin is a peculiar man, and he wants to hear your confession. He runs a local support group in his village hall so you can share your darkest secrets. However, when two unusual participants turn up confessing things Martin doesn't want to hear, the group becomes a little less supportive.

The evening contains frequent strong language and violent scenes. Suitable for age 14+

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