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Headgate Theatre

Thursday 8th September 2022 - Friday 9th September 2022
19:45 - 19:45
14 Chapel Street North
Standard - 8th September 2022
Min: £12.00
Max: £15.00
Standard - 9th September 2022
Min: £12.00
Max: £15.00

A one woman show about being a sibling to someone who's autistic. What's it like growing up in a household where, however loved you are, your needs are not your family's first concern? Full of laughter, love, and original music, we journey with Hannah as her understanding of Joshua, and what it means to be his sister, grows.
Based on Rachel Hammond’s own life, alongside stories from other 'siblings', Joshua (and Me) provides permission and space for other 'Hannahs' to openly explore their experiences, too.

The show includes some strong language.

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