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Connects - Masterclass - Into Directing

Mercury Theatre

Saturday 24th September 2022
13:00 - 13:00
Balkerne Gate
Standard - 24th September 2022
Min: £15.00
Join Mercury Theatre’s Creative Director, Ryan McBryde, for this
intensive masterclass on his approach to creating a play from the
all-important script, to the auditions and first meeting with
designers, rehearsals and through to the opening night.

Mixing the artistic with the practical and using a script as a guide,
you will get a chance to simulate the director’s process, asking
questions and learning from experience. Over the 4-hour course, you
will explore:

This Masterclass is for Directors of all levels, from those who are
planning their first production to those who are ready to mount a
large-scale show. In order to attend, please make sure you our signed
up to our Connects programme.

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