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Meraki Path

Eat & Drink

13 Short Wyre Street
United Kingdom

01206 911555

We have always found sanctuary in safety. We are honoured to have created a space to be held safely by those that love so much. From nourishment of the physical body, to enlightment of the mind and spirit, we welcome all with open arms and open hearts. We are realists in the awakening and gladly share our knowledge and learnt lessons with those curious enough to enquire in our own unique way.

Vegan Cafe and crystal shop.

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Opening Hours

Monday 11.00am - 17.00pm

Tuesday 11.00am - 17.00pm

Wednesday 10.00am - 17.00pm

Thursday 10.00am - 18.00pm

Friday 10.00am - 18.00pm

Saturday 10.00am - 18.00pm

Sunday 11.00am - 16.00pm

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