Into Visiting Lion Walks Secret Garden

Written by: Jess Walker

This week we dropped into the Secret Garden, an outdoor bar area open from noon until late, at Lion Walk shopping centre.

What to expect

The Secret Garden is located in Lion Walk opposite Boots and adjacent to River Island, you can't miss it. As you walk by you'll hear the upbeat music radiating tropical vibes and a lovely green vibrant covered seating area transports you to what could be a holiday location abroad.

As you enter you'll be greeted by a friendly steward who will direct you to available seating. Then simply take a seat, peruse the drinks menu and relax! There's an at table service so you don't have to get up and queue at the bar for your drinks.

The relaxing atmosphere and holiday vibes of The Secret Garden are great to end a busy shopping trip or as a starting point for evening celebrations. There are heaters and beautiful lighting in place too so there's no need to worry about getting cold as the day turns into evening. The greenery and decor also make The Secret Garden a perfect spot to snap a selfie to celebrate being back in the town centre.

As it's situated within the shopping centre it's also great for a spot of people watching, the perfect opportunity to take a break from your shopping trip and watch the world go by.

There's no need to book for your trip to The Secret Garden but be warned you might have to queue at popular times. Our advice is to head over at off-peak times to ensure maximum relaxation.

The offers

Whether you're the designated driver or gearing up for a long evening, there's plenty of choices for everyone! Enjoy a diet coke or a fancy pina colada, or the classic G&T with table service you can just sit back and relax.

Keeping you Safe

On entry, the steward will take your details for track and trace, and whilst moving around between tables it's asked that you wear your face mask. Don't worry the table service will mean that you don't have to get up and down for the trips to the bar. There are also hand sanitisers on every table, and the toilets next to Boots are a stone's throw away for you to use and wash your hands when you need to!

What's around

The Secret Garden is set in Lion Walk shopping centre so you have a great choice of shops around you! It also means it's a stone's throw away from the high street, once you're done at The Secret Garden you could always head out for dinner or drinks at a beer garden.

On the route out towards the high street, you'll also come across, Red Lion Walk a beautiful covered street full of gorgeous independent shops. With great light and Tudor beams, this street is a must for anyone who wants to snap a pic for Instagram!

There's also no rush to leave, as day turns into evening, there's gorgeous lighting and heaters so you can stay cosy whilst catching up with friends.

If you take a trip to The Secret Garden why not snap a pic and tag @lionwalkshopping and @incolchester.

Photography credit - Brandon Beedon


February 2021